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Marg ::

ReadyTechGo, you are my saviour! It would have taken me 6 months in a classroom to learn what you taught me in a lesson

Marg :: Heidelberg, VIC

You've changed my life. I never thought I would be able to do things on my iPad, and now I can write emails and enjoy it

Peter :: Glen Iris, VIC
Peter ::

Christine ::

My friend, Mez, comes so readily when I am in strife with my PC or iPad. I could not do without her help now. I used to just flounder on my own with very varying degrees of success. I like a PC challenge, but there comes a time when frustration wins. Congratulations to the business, RTG. May you go, as they say, from strength to strength.

Christine :: 72 Years Young, Glen Huntly VIC

I want to pay a compliment re ‘Mez’ who helped me with some computer issues late yesterday.  She came on time, fixed the problems, suggested ‘extras’, was pleasant, helpful and most important, patient and knowledgeable.   I will certainly recommend ReadyTechGo to others.

Lynne :: Melbourne, VIC
Lynne ::

Brain ::

My session with Paul was terrific. His empathy with older folk and his technical expertise have taken me further forward in a big leap. I was also most impressed that Brad took my request on a Sunday and arranged the session so promptly.

Brain :: Croydon, VIC

RTG has always, through you and your excellent Newsletters impressed me with its professionalism

Christine King :: Glen Huntly, VIC
Christine King

Peter Tilley

Thank you, and the team at ReadyTechGo, for your thoughtful Christmas greetings. Your own help in 2015 has been invaluable in bringing me into the 21st century.

Peter Tilley :: Essendon, VIC

Thank you for sending Ruth to me. She IS lovely as you said and she helped me greatly. I'm looking forward to my next lesson with her

Grace Lawler :: Essendon, VIC
Grace Lawler

Christine Enbury

It was a great pleasure to meet Lisa. Thank you so much for a very satisfying as well as formative hour. You are a great teacher and an excellent technician. I was able to tell Jan how delighted I was with her recommendation and needless to say I, too, will be telling my friends about ReadyTechGo. I had fun sending texts to my granddaughter using Siri and it is going to make using the iPhone so much easier. Once again, many thanks and I am looking forward to getting some more lessons from you in the near future.

Christine Enbury :: Glen Iris, VIC

I wish to thank Lisa and James for guiding me through the in-home computer training. It's wonderful to be able to gain knowledge and confidence through James' training and patience.

Sharon Yap :: Glen Waverley, VIC
Sharon Yap

Suzanne Cuthbert

Absolutely amazing! Lisa was so patient, lovely, and she explained everything so well and so clearly. I went out with some girlfriends the other day and they wanted to know who set all my Facebook info up. I told them that I did it myself, but they didn't believe me! I told them again that I did it after only having 2 lessons. They were amazed that I was able to do it!

Suzanne Cuthbert :: Williamstown, VIC

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with my systems. I can't believe the difference, not that I have used my computer all that much but I am keeping my emails under control and the printer is working fine.

Sally Church :: Kew, VIC
Sally Church

Lizzie Castles

Dad's loving the lessons and I'm loving the reprieve!

Lizzie Castles :: Melbourne, VIC

Garry always goes the extra mile to help! He does so much outside helping with computer technology and is to be commended as a great supporter of people with various needs and is a wonderful friend and always puts other people first, even on unwell days. He is a great confidence builder and is very professional and helpful in multi-tasking, like he helps me also with hanging my pictures and coming/assisting me at Officeworks. Just as I called Mez "Dame Mez", I wish to call Garry "Sir/Lord Garry"! R.T.G. has the most fantastic teachers with great people skills and I wish to encourage your company to flourish.

Christine Ewert :: Hawthorn, VIC
Christine Ewert

Michelle & Michael


During November and December we had Heather visit our house and 'sort us out'! Over 3 sessions she did a multitude of things for us on a number of different Mac devices.
I am writing because my husband and I feel that the level of service we received from Heather was outstanding...and that is so rare these days! Heather was always on time (to the minute), very polite and friendly and so incredibly knowledgeable with Apple products. There was nothing that she didn't know or couldn't do! She really was very impressive. She is a great ambassador for your company and we hope that her efforts are recognised. We will have no hesitation in calling on Heather again when the need arises.
Please pass on our thanks to Heather for a job (very) well done.
Michelle & Michael

Michelle & Michael :: Kew

My dad recently turned 70, and got a new iPad for his birthday.  With life being so busy with 2 kids, I didn’t have the time to show him how to use it. A friend then told me about ReadyTechGo.  They have helped my dad understand and use his new iPad – including setting it up, putting on his email and showing him how to download apps himself.  Since then he has not put it down.  Thanks to ReadyTechGo’s relaxed and friendly training style, my dad has a new found confidence with this technology.

Maree :: Macleod, VIC
Maree ::

Jan ::

I had been struggling for quite a long time with my lap top when a friend recommended I talk to ReadyTechGo. Brad came out, agreed with me about my machine,looked around for a good new one for me, and has spent a lot of time in installing it and educating me in all aspects, for me to get the most use from it that I can. I appreciate all his help, assistance and especially patience with me as I try to learn all I can. Thankyou ReadyTechGo, I would recommend your company to anyone with technology problems

Jan :: Glen Iris, VIC

Many thanks ReadyTechGo, for continuing to look after us so well. We very much appreciate the excellent service you provide

Tony :: Rosanna, VIC
Tony ::

Pat ::

Hullo ReadyTechGo, I'm still galloping along. Actually I'm just showing off by sending this E Mail!

Pat :: 86 Years Young, Kinglake, VIC

Many thanks for my birthday surprise, it made my day. I would like to thank you for sending Lisa to give me lessons on my iPad. She is not only a lovely young lady, she has helped me a lot. I certainly recommend her to anybody needing help

Lillias :: Eltham, VIC
Lillias ::

Moiya ::

Just a note of Thanks for all your help with my microwave. I have had a microwave previously, but the new one had so much technology. As I am nearly 85 years old and couldn’t cope. Brad came to my house and because of his nice and professional manner, I am now able to cook again.

Moiya :: Essendon, VIC

I still have a lot to explain but I have in mind the expansion of your Services because in my case without you people I could have had a Persian War in my family. They are good but cannot run to help me when I need  it, so I have you as my family. I love and appreciate your help

Sandra :: Box Hill VIC
Sandra ::

Pat ::

"Hullo ReadyTechGo, just writing to tell you about my two new talents. My grand daughter has always done these for me but now I can do them myself. Pay my bills by B Pay and transfer money from one account to another. So what do u reckon about your nearly 87 year old client? Haven't lost my Mojo yet"

Pat :: Kinglake, VIC

Thank you for all the wonderful work you all do,  count me as "your family" and friend as I will always stay as your customer!  I never had this amount of help before

Christine :: Hawthorn, VIC
Christine ::

Kris ::

Thanks so much for what you have done for us in the past six months. The lessons have really helped, and now I feel much more confident

Kris :: Glen Iris, VIC

I just want you to know that I had the best day with this machine! I really enjoyed myself looking at video's.

Brenda :: Parkdale, VIC
Brenda ::

Barbara ::

Many thanks for being so helpful. Hope all the tuition wasn’t to one side. Once again, thanking you for being so kind

Barbara :: Bundoora, VIC

Hi, I’m Tom, in my eighties, a ten year resident of a suburban Melbourne retirement village, active in the social life of the village and particularly I use my computer and typing skills in the preparation of our in house magazine. Recently my long used computer failed and was deemed past its use by date. Consequently, I reasoned my future interests lie in having a computer so I brought a new one, with all the bells and whistles. To my consternation and a deadline looming, the whole presentation of programmes was different and beyond my skills. Grandchildren are often unavailable and have poor teaching skills, so I was delighted when a circular from ReadyTechGo appeared in my letter-box offering exactly the service which I realised I needed. A phone call later and a visit from a delightful young lady called Lisa quickly had a myriad of my requirements sorted out and the monster became comprehensible. An eighty year old memory is an uncertain thing and Lisa has left me with some prompts and of course she is only a phone call away. To any one in similar circumstances I can recommend ReadyTechGo as a solution to their problems.

Tom :: Forest Hill, VIC
Tom ::

Janet ::

I am very pleased to say how beneficial it was to have Brad come to my home and explain the features of my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0. I was using it in a limited way and now after an hour’s tuition I feel I can do all I had hoped to do. Better still I learnt more of its features i.e. how to put a “swipe lock” on the tablet so that other people cannot access it; how to make better use of the planner. Brad has a very reassuring manner and made me feel I was not asking silly questions. I would thoroughly recommend the services of ReadyTechGo and would not hesitate to contact them for help with any IT query. I would recommend their service. Go ReadyTechGo Thanks

Janet :: Strathmore, VIC

Just a quick note to say how very grateful I am for the outstanding tuition and support Glenn provided to me this morning. Due to some key questions and good listening, he was able to go to the heart of the priority learnings I was seeking. He took me through them one by one... The other effective training strategy was to have me do several attempts at the task myself so that it would consolidate in my memory, He then backed all this up with very useful notes and diagrams.

Paul :: Melbourne, VIC
Paul :: Melbourne, VIC

Raewyn :: Ashfield, NSW

A newspaper article about ReadyTechGo computer and technology teaching services caught my attention. Keeping up with new technology had become a losing battle. David, my tutor, is prepared to work at my pace and patiently answer all my questions. He lets me take the time to make notes of each step. I look forward to regular learning sessions in my own time, one on one, on my own equipment has given me a growing sense of confidence in my tech knowledge and understanding. We have an iphone & android phone that I need to learn how to drive, plus the internet how to effectively search for information sources. Thank you Lisa and Brad for setting up such a valuable service for those of us who are without a personal/family mentor to assist in keeping up with the changes in technology.

Raewyn :: Ashfield, NSW

Readytechgo is a Company well worthy of a mention in your on going search for a firm of satisfaction. The willingness to help such seniors as my husband who happens to be 97 years old and myself who is 89 is most grateful. The follow up attention and helpfulness with our I Pads is much appreciated for which we are both very grateful. We must admit that satisfaction such as this is quite a rare thing to come by these days and yes we are both very thankful for the patience of Readytechgo and their team. Well worthy of consideration.

Barbara :: Watsonia, VIC
Barbara ::

Anne – Full Testimonial ::

Hi I am currently a client of ReadyTechGo. This has truly been a great experience for me, my confidence has grown so much. It has made me realise, some people love getting off on making you feel dumb because you don’t know what you are supposed to be looking for, when turning on the computer and loading up applications. I’d madly be clicking away, trying to get to my intended task, only to find that I have loaded up viruses on my relatively new computer of 6 months, without even knowing it. I would get so disheartened and feel so dumb, that I had enough. I decided I am going to take action and get a tutor, (what a god send). Brad has taught me how to load up applications and showed me how to avoid potential problems (it is easy when you know what you’re looking for) I can honestly say this is the best money I have spent. He is so patient and he writes down step by step what to do, so when he is not there your able follow the prompts. I love my computer now and I feel very excited about all the possibilities that I now have to look forward to eg. Excel spread sheets, power point, loading photos from my camera, downloading music and how to burn a cd, Skype. WOO HOO P.S Brad has even help with my new iPhone. Life just gets better and better Thanks ReadyTechGo Looking forward to our next session 55 year old woman, who is becoming computer savvy

Anne – Full Testimonial :: Glenroy, VIC

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