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Client Stories


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Seventy-two-year-old John Gascoigne has been a ReadyTechGo client for the past five years. This month he undertook his one-hundredth session to understand the new digital technologies.

As a journalist, author, scriptwriter, cricket umpire and soon to-be-tech expert, there’s no challenge John won’t tackle.

Having mastered Microsoft, he has migrated to Apple products. ReadyTechGo education sessions introduce new apps and programs to their clients. “I don’t see any end in sight”, John tells ReadyTechGo. “I want to learn everything there is to know. It’s a challenge and I’m rising to it, but it’s incredibly slow [laughs].”

John’s quest began with a PC, using Microsoft then Apple, and led to three brands of mobile phone (he lost the first two mobiles) and an Apple iPad.

John shared his career experiences With ReadyTechGo, describing the challenges of being a hyperactive-born journalist. He has reported and sub-edited in each of the mainstream media: newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Virtually eight separate disciplines under the banner of journalism.

The digital devastation to “traditional media” has led to massive cuts to proprietors’ revenue and employment of journalists across the Western world, and John recognises his retirement probably came “just in time”. His farewell speech was not just to Fairfax but a 53-year career.

For the past 14 years John worked as a journalist for Fairfax regional and suburban newspapers in Victoria. For 12 of those years he was a ‘check sub’, improving grammar, fixing errors, “streamlining clunky copy – anything the sub-editors may have missed”.

“I was where the buck stopped,” he says. “If it wasn’t correct in the paper, it was my fault.”

He’s also written two books. Over and Out, published by Penguin, is a humorous account of 32 years’ umpiring cricket in the parks of Melbourne, while Nuggets: Golden and Human (Brolga Publishing) is a beefed-up version of 40 of the hundreds of articles he wrote while feature writer on the Bendigo Advertiser in the early 2000’s.

He now enjoys apps, including Kindle, but, like most seniors, finds books in hard copy “hard to beat”.

John tells how he has been a “voracious” reader since his mid-teens and recalls bringing books home from the library for his parents and two brothers. “I’d have my 12-year-old arms extended as far as I could, resting the bottom book on my hands, the top book under my chin.”

Asked about his experience with ReadyTechGo, John expresses his “love of the process of learning and working with Lisa (founder) and Matt (session facilitator)”. He says he enjoys both the friendly environment for learning – in his top-floor apartment next to the 1935-built art deco Astor Cinema in East St Kilda – and the interaction with his teachers. In Lisa’s eyes, John is a friend, not just a student.

John ascribes “determination” as the key to keeping up with the IT revolution. “For me, it’s probably stubborn determination,” he adds. “I want retirement to be about continued learning. ReadyTechGo is adding a lot to this new life.”

John insists he’s “unsuited to the equipment” of IT but is comforted that “at times we’re all stumped by technology. We’re all learning this brave new world of technology, all of the time.”

For five decades this New Zealander, who migrated to Australia in 1967, has been building his own story. Daily, he’s at his keyboard recording it for what he hopes will be his third book. Some freelance writing, he hopes, will further keep the rust at bay. Stay tuned!

What’s John’s favourite discovery so far? Youtube: “I’m lost for hours, in shock and amazement at people’s talent.”

Save the printable version here

Ron: The 97-Year-Old WWII Veteran

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Ron was a World War II veteran, who lived to be 97 years old.

Despite his extraordinary age, and no doubt an extraordinary life already filled with extraordinary experiences, Ron still saw the value in learning how to use modern technology.

After moving into a nursing home, Ron sought a means of communication between him and his wife, as well as his grandkids. Owning an iPad but having no clue as to how to use it, he enlisted the help of ReadyTechGo to assist him in his learning journey. After his lessons, he was able to use his iPad to keep in contact with his loved ones, as well as take photos!

Being 97 years old and still eager to learn about completely new technology, Ron was truly an inspirational learner in our eyes. We’re so glad that Ron had the opportunity to reap the fantastic benefits of 21st century technology in his lifetime!

Macedonian Community Welfare Association

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Congratulations to these lovely members of the Macedonian Community Welfare Association on completing their first ReadyTechGo iPad Workshop! Keeping up with unfamiliar technology is truly brave – that’s why we’ve awarded them with these super special certificates of achievement! честитки!
A big thank you to our trainers Ruth Anderson and Matthew Gunadi.

Maria’s Lucky Find

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Maria contacted ReadyTechGo with a specific goal. To learn how to use Google in order to search the Internet.

Maria had been on a one woman mission to find the answer to her question “Will I ever find the book I’ve been searching for?

Maria had treasured a photocopy of a single page from a book for no less than two years.

As the prince from the Cinderella story can probably appreciate, to find the book to match was a challenging task! (Or in his case, the foot!)

For all this time Maria had searched high and low for the book to match the page.

She had been to endless libraries and second hand bookshops but no one had been able to help her. Without the title of the book it seemed like an impossible feat.  


Unfortunately the header on the page was not the book title but was in fact just the chapter title! (You can see from the Image that it had a limited amount of information for Maria and her trainer to work with)


So Maria and her delightful (and equally determined) ReadyTechGo trainer Ruth Anderson began their search.

Their first port of call and to meet the initial request of Maria was to start searching Google.

Google is the world’s most powerful search tool and is incredibly user friendly. Even here at ReadyTechGo it still amazes us with what we are able to find.

They started by typing in the search bar the header that was on the page that Maria has treasured. They weren’t overly optimistic but if you don’t try these things you will never know!.

As luck would have it Google suggested a possible book title!

They then searched the book title that Google suggested to them and found the book that Maria had been searching for all these years on a website called Open Library (


Open Library is an online library containing a huge number of FREE ebooks which can be downloaded. Ebooks are online books you read from your device, saving you room on your shelves and weight in your luggage. (Very handy if you like reading from an E-reader, Tablet or smartphone and love freebies!)

However, Maria didn’t want an ebook copy of it, she wanted a real life bound copy of the book.

(We too would want a real life trophy copy after all that searching!)

Ruth thought if they looked at it online they could at least be confident that it was the correct book.  

They reviewed the free ebook version and found that it did indeed match the page!

What an incredible stroke of luck and a great example of how powerful Google is.

The story doesn’t end there though!


The next challenge was to locate a copy of the book.  Maria called her local library and they didn’t have it but arranged to obtain one from an associated centre.

But wait, it gets better!  Some more Google searching by Maria and Ruth discovered a second hand copy available at a second hand bookshop in a neighbouring suburb!  

Maria had tried this bookshop before but at the time she hadn’t known the book title so wasn’t successful.

The plot thickens!


Would you believe, that between Maria’s first visit to this shop and discovering that they had a copy of the book after all, the bookshop had closed!!  

Yet another stroke of luck established that they still had an online shop.  

Maria called them and they did indeed have a copy!

By the time Ruth arrived for Maria’s next session only a week later, they had delivered it to her for the princely sum of $7…including delivery!  

Maria is now very impressed with Google and I’m sure a master of the Magic and medicine of plants!!!

So, as these stories go, they all lived happily ever after!


If you have a story that you think others would enjoy reading about or that would bring a little confidence to other new Tech learners, don’t be shy, get in touch!

Meeting New Friends Through “Words with friends”

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Our trainers here at ReadyTechGo are lucky enough to not only love what they do, but they also get to meet interesting people every day.  Every now and then we like to touch base with our clients to see how they are progressing and how they are utilising their new found knowledge.

Pat Pascoe who lives by herself in Kinglake. Pat took on the technology challenge at the age of 88 Years young and this is what she had to say about it all!…


What are your favourite things about technology?  

My favorite App is Google as it is amazingly up to date and can tell you anything you want to know. Dates, postcodes addresses and facts about anything or anyone you need to know.

I am so glad I took the challenge and ReadyTechGo have taught me so much about keeping up with the world. Also there are games you can play with locals or people overseas that fill in your time.

I also love YouTube, because I love watching Ricky Martin concerts! And of course Ebay, for browsing all of the products.


Was there anything you didn’t think would be on Google that surprised you?

It knows everything! Even Elvis Presley!!! I thought the new technology wouldn’t be up with the old topics, but it knows all about Elvis and you can read about his entire life story!


How has technology enhanced your communication with the world?

Well people don’t write letters much anymore, they think it’s easier to email, and now I can email them back! Still, sometimes I write an email to my Grandson who lives in England and he doesn’t answer!

They (Grandchildren) do email me pictures of their children that I would never otherwise have met because they live so far away.

I also love reading everyone else’s Facebook news!


You have played Words with friends for over 3 years now, what do you enjoy about it?

You can make new friends over seas, by playing with them, chatting and competing with them. I’ve made two very good friends, one in New York and one in London.

We exchange news about our families, and we have now been friends for 3 years!  We even email each other!


What would you say to people struggling with technology?

It is daunting to older people to think of being able to deal with Technology, but really it is quite simple. I have a little notebook that I jot everything down in as I learn each new thing. So if I can’t remember all I have to do is just consult my notes.

When I was at work and nearly retired, computers were just coming in. I was terrified because I didn’t know if I could cope with them.  Luckily I left and didn’t have to worry about learning all of that technology.

Later on my son suggested I get an iPhone to communicate with family and friends who live far away. This was the start of me wanting to learn.

I contacted ReadyTechGo and they have taught me that it’s not as terrifying as I thought!

My daughter says I have a texting relationship with her, because I text her so much.

I’m 88, and I love learning because it keeps my mind active.

I love crosswords and my iPad. It keeps me alert

My favourite game is Cupcake Mania. I got my daughter onto this! I’m up to level 330!

I’m very competitive, before I get up, I like to check who wants to play a game with me!

Age doesn’t stop you, it’s really not as hard as it initially seems!


When we wrapped up the interview we asked Pat if there was anything else that she thought may interest our readers.

Pat wanted to add that she thinks that some of her friends are even on the popular dating site, Tinder!!! Look out chaps!!!

If you would like to tell others about your technology journey then we’d love to hear about it!

We can either email you some questions, you can speak to us face to face, or even write your own story that you think others would love to read.

Pat 1Brad and Pat 2

Capturing Christine’s Artwork

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Photo books are typically to showcase family vacations and events, but these keepsakes are proving to be so much more.

Last year, we introduced you to Christine Ewert – an artist who was upskilling her tech knowledge through one-on-one lessons with her trainer – Mez Moon.

Over the last few months, Christine and Mez and have enjoyed a new project during through personalised technology lessons. They were on a mission to capture Christine’s wonderful artwork in a printed book.

The traditional photo album was an option, but photographs tucked into plastic sheets often gather dust, and are quite bulky to handle. The perfect option was to create a printed photo book, allowing Christine to transform from artist to author!

Christine has been able to personalise her photo book by choosing exactly which images she wanted included, and include her personality in the album. She has been able to personally design each page of the photo book, from arrangement of images, to text, size and colour.

If you get your hands on Christine’s photo book, each page has a description describing what inspired her art work (such as the time she met Dame Elizabeth Murdoch), and what to look out for in her pieces (just like Where’s Wally!).

Christine is keen to print the next version, and we can’t wait to get our own copy of Christine’s photo book!

Christines Photo Book



Christine is “over the Moon” with her newfound tech skills!

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One of the biggest misconceptions is that people over 60 are out of touch with technology. But not the clients of ReadyTechGo!
Many are getting real benefits from joining the digital world, and finding new friendships, building a support network, learning new things and having fun!
Christine Ewert is known to her friends as an artist, who has her own personal website and art collection.
When she is not painting, Christine has been up skilling herself on the latest technology, with the help of her Tech Trainer – Mez Moon.
Christine Ewert has a love for learning, says she is “over the Moon” with her technology lessons, and has a newfound confidence.
Christine invites you all to view her art collection, and she can be contacted on 03 9819 5098.

“Thank you for all the wonderful work you all do,  count me as “your family” and friend as I will always stay as your customer!  I never had this amount of help before”
Keep Pert & Paramountly Amused, even at times when “we are not Amused!”

We are very Amused!


Why did you choose to have one-on-one technology lessons with ReadyTechGo?

Needed home one-on-one support for computer after no help for 19 months.  No call out fees.  They are very obliging.

What do you enjoy most about your one-on-one technology lessons with Ready TechGo?

Their Assistance very versatile for various digital equipment needs & training at my level of computer understanding.

How do you feel about your new technology skills?

Found I can use my old computer which can’t accommodate Windows 8 and still have full free AVG protection. Fantastic help down loading an old favourite obsolete cassette tape onto computer via Audacity and the teacher improved quality of tape by manually cleaning heads of my tape deck in CD player.

What is your favourite activity when it comes to technology? 

Having someone reliable with on call like Ready Tech Go which are fantastic in taking the stress of technology of which is developing too fast for me.

What can you now do with your technology that you could not do before the lessons? 

Tell people with impaired vision, deafness and elderly and those who have a computer who can’t either find assistance that paramount help is at hand and if I need help from Camera/ DVD players and Computers I know I can ask as this company shows utmost respect.

What would you say to other people who are struggling or not confident with their technology? 

See Question 5 to find around the clock support and the teachers also warn about how scans work and that I’ve had so many pop-ups since November 2013 I couldn’t open the web or send job application forms without interference, but the teachers are so well trained they are also Doctors as well as great teachers for technology.  Best ever found and very encouraging and respectful all ages.

Tech Savvy Senior Online with Bruce Springsteen

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When you meet Kris Upton for the first time, you will remember her infectious smile, and her cheerful nature.

Born with cerebral palsy, Kris has never let this affect what she wants to do in life.

Yes, there are days where Kris feels frustrated living with Cerebral Palsy, but she is an absolute inspiration to many including the team at ReadyTechGo.

Kris remembers watching Bruce Springsteen live in concert at Rod Laver Area, Melbourne. Now Kris can watch Bruce on YouTube in the comfort of her own home! Kris is one of many who are exploring the benefits of modern technology.

She has a can-do attitude, and is determined to master learning her computer, so she too, can “join everyone else going online!”

Why did you choose to have one-on-one technology lessons with ReadyTechGo?

Because I thought you would be more concentrated on the one person

What do you enjoy most about your one-on-one technology lessons with ReadyTechGo?

The team is so nice, and you take the time to explain things, and don’t get sick of my questions. You concentrate on me

How do you feel about your new technology skills?

Sometimes, because I have had a computer for a few years, I feel like I should be able to do more. The lessons have really helped, and now I feel much more confident

What is your favourite activity when it comes to technology?

Going on youtube, and watching Bruce Springsteen videos! I also like to use Google to look up stuff

What can you now do with your technology that you could not do before the lessons?

You (ReadyTechGo) helped me get wi-fi in the home, and now I am able to access the internet much more easily. Before wi-fi it was very slow, and I could not do the things I wanted

What would you say to other people who are struggling or not confident with their technology?

Keep working at it! People might think it takes years, and for me it did, which was frustrating. But I kept working at it!

Boost your brain activity

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Over the last couple of months, we have had the pleasure of helping a 65 year old man learn how to use an iPad through one-on-one technology lessons. Peter has never touched a computer in his life, and a shiny new iPad and the capabilities of this wonderful machine is absolutely mind blowing. What makes Peter’s story extraordinary is that Peter is a survivor of a brain tumour. Having had multiple operations, Peter suffers from memory problems.
For a long time, Peter felt like he “was in the dark”. He felt like “Everyone was using technology”, but he had absolutely no idea how to get started, and admitted he “was afraid”.

Using an iPad for the first time was mind blowing for Peter. He could not believe that this little machine could predict his text before he had finished writing it himself. He could play games which “keeps the brain thinking”, and best of all, he could communicate with family and friends.

However, with memory difficulties, it can be extremely deflating when learning new technology. Writing an email is not simple for Peter. When you are learning something new, you are thinking of more than one thing. Where the keys on the keyboard are, and what to say to the recipient. What makes it even more difficult is that Peter also suffers from tunnel vision. It’s just not easy.

During our one on one lessons with Peter, we have explored avenues to enable Peter to use his new technology with ease. We have explored “Accessibility” functions on the iPad, such as enlarging the text, enabling the iPad to read out news stories, and we have shown Peter how to use the voice to text function to send emails. Peter says the iPad is great as it “keeps the brain working”.

It has been such a pleasure assisting Peter, and although we still have a learning curve ahead, every day is a step forward. Watch this space to keep updated with Peter’s journey

Here are some applications that Peter is using on his iPad to boost brain activity:

  • Candy Crush – Crush candies with this fun game
  • Fit Brain – Brain games and puzzles, developed by a team of scientists, psychologists and neurologists,
  • Quiz Up – A trivia game where you can compete with contestents around the world

Featured in MY CAREER – The Age, Sydney Morning Herald

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“A generation is struggling with technology, but there is one-on-one help” writes John Gascoigne in MYCAREER section of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

As more and more businesses force us to use modern technology, it’s difficult to keep up to speed, or find out where to get training. Read why ReadyTechGo was started to help seniors and not so tech savvy individuals received personalised tech help outside of a classroom environment.

Read the full feature by clicking on the link below: //
Select November 30 Edition
Or on The Sydney Morning Herald site: //


My Careers, Cover