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About Us

Our aim is to empower through education

The world is changing and technology is evolving rapidly. We have a population that is pushed or pulled into a digital realm

At ReadyTechGo, we believe in inspiring curiosity and the desire to explore what technology has to offer. We believe that digital skills will help people remain connected to loved ones, access essential digital services, and remain independent.

ReadyTechGo’s services help people keep connected in a digital world. Through our technology lessons and group workshops, many adults have newfound confidence and skills, enabling them to remain independent and in contact with loved ones.

How ReadyTechGo began

Brad and Lisa were colleagues within the technology industry. Over a coffee, they got talking about their parents and their frustration with how fast technology seemed to be moving for them these days.

During Brad’s weekly visits to his parents house, he would have one foot in the door, and would be promptly handed the list of tech tasks to “sort out”. He didn’t mind because he was always rewarded with his Mum’s excellent cooking. Lisa’s story wasn’t too different. Her parents preferred the bank teller representative over the Automatic Teller Machine, and she had recently purchased her Mum a smartphone (which her Mum can’t let go of).

Brad and Lisa realised that many other parents and grandparents must experience the same technology frustrations! So they recruited a team of tech savvy trainers and ReadyTechGo was born – A technology training service to help everyone with their technology problems!

Join us!

Meet Your Co-Founders

Brad Featured

  Brad has worked in various roles as a manager and trainer within the technology space since 1996. He was a Co-Founder of a successful Registered Training Organisation for several years, and brings 17 years of experience to the team. Work aside, Brad loves indoor soccer, mountain bike riding and cruising on his motorbike. He is also known as "Mr Fix It" to his family and friends. Brad loves good food, great coffee and experimenting in the kitchen. He has traveled the world to places including: Chile & Europe, and loves to share his adventures, stories and photos.

  • Favourite piece of technology

  • "My Go-Pro camera. I love attaching it to my mountain bike and going for a ride through the bushes. It also captures great footage when I go snowboarding" Brad Donnini, Co-Founder

    Lisa Featured

    Lisa grew up during a time where "Tiggy", Cabbage Patch dolls and Yo-Yos were still popular, but things were quickly moving towards computers and the internet. Lisa holds a Bachelors degree in Management and HR and enjoys old school video games, good food and seeing her friends. Before ReadyTechGo, she has spent a fair amount of time on dusty mine sites implementing technology for mining companies. She still holds on to her Hi-Vis vest and steel cap boots (just in case!) She plays beach volleyball, indoor soccer, and also completed the Tough Mudder course in Summer 2013.

  • Favourite piece of technology

  • "My smartphone! It's my alarm clock, radio, GPS, camera and communication tool - all built into one device." Lisa Du, Co-Founder

    Meet Your Trainers

    • Paul Andrews

      Paul Andrews

      With technology rapidly taking over everyday living, Paul will help you send an email through your iPad,...

    • Ruth Anderson

      Ruth Anderson

      Ruth is passionate about providing top-quality technology training to adults, and aims to demystify technology...

    • Garry Neeman

      Garry Neeman

      Avoiding jargon and working only at your pace, Garry will help you get to grips...

    • Lisa Du

      Lisa Du

      Growing up as a young girl, Lisa had more fun playing with video games and match box cars...

    • Matthew Gunadi

      Matthew Gunadi

      Having been exposed to technology his whole student life, Matthew joined RTG with a keen...

    • Brandon Chong

      Brandon Chong

      With over 8 years of experience in IT, on top of a Diploma in IT...

    • Kerry Petrus

      Kerry Petrus

      Kerry enjoys awakening people to the possibilities of technology. With teaching experience under her belt,...

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